KMF Total Cash Prize:
KRW50,000,000 (Aug. 06, 2020)

KMF2020 Cumulative Cash Prize:
KRW23,000,000 (Aug. 06, 2020)

“Come gather here all short-form video content contests!” 한국어는 언어 변경을 해주세요.

Welcome to the most innovative online video contest integration support platform Korea Mobile Fest (KMF)!   

Hello, this is the KMF Organizing Committee.

KMF is an online video contest platform adopting a cumulative cash prize system for the first time in Asia, integrating all short-form online and mobile video contests into a single channel to offer an extensive synergy effect for both individual video contest organizers and advertisers.

D.Camp, Herald Corp. and Aroundus, Inc. jointly launched the KMF on April 21, 2020 with an aim to help industry discover creative video creators, and to help startups and all small and big advertisers maximize the effect of their online advertising and marketing campaigns by leveraging the power of collective intelligence collected through the contests.

The committee is fully committed to foster KMF into a global event that represents Korea, and eventually representing the Asia-Pacific region in Korea, which is known for its IT tech and media industries.

The Mobile Fest is dedicated to supporting the online advertising and marketing efforts of startups, businesses and local government authorities to maximize the effect. Also we’ll lead ways to help talented video creators to be discovered in Korea, in Asia-Pacific and globally for their creativity and originality.

Help us grow KMF for KMF is an online video contest platform that will be and needs to be nurtured together by not only the organizers and advertisers, but also the applicants.

We ask for your support to join our efforts to build KMF into a global mecca and destination for online video contest platform representing Asia, as KMF affiliated contest organizers and by organizing new video contests together, as well as by participating in or applying to KMF affiliated contests.

We’re beginning our efforts to discover and expand our partners, sponsors and supporters so please feel free to contact us via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

For details about KMF, please refer to the ‘About KMF‘ page, and for cumulative cash prizes ‘Cash Prizes‘ page. For inquiries regarding partnerships, sponsor, etc., please contact us via ‘Contact Us‘ page. Thank you.

– Korea Mobile Fest (KMF) Organizing Committee (2020.04.21)

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