Korea Mobile Fest Assigns Ex-Nongshim Communications CEO Kim as KMF Chairman

Korea Mobile Fest (KMF) Organizing Committee announced that the committee has appointed former Nongshim Communications CEO Kim Si-Rae as the First Chairperson of the KMF Organizing Committee. 한글 보기

Prof. Kim is currently teaching advertising and PR at Dongkuk University and media & communications at Sungkyunkwan University.

Chairman Kim entered the advertising industry in 1990, building his career to serve as CEO of Nongshim Communications until last year. He formerly worked as director general of The South3 division at Cheil Worldwide, advertising chief director at SK M&C, Hancom Campaign chief director among many others.

“We aim to foster KMF into a channel where those who’re gifted with video production talents can be provided with vast opportunities to produce videos that can be used as online video ads and promotional videos in a transparent and impartial manner, to help talents gain market recognition for their work,”  the new KMF Chair said.

“We will develop KMF into an authoritative open platform to help advertisers mobilize and use ‘collective intelligence’ of the massive talents with video producing abilities out there to help advertisers, ranging from companies, services, products to local tours and local governments, benefit from KMF with regard to improving their online promotional video production method and improving their cost effectiveness of their online advertising and marketing campaigns,” Kim added.

At his inauguration today, Kim revealed his ambition saying, “furthermore, I’ll do my best to induce broad cooperation from advertising industries to government sectors to nurture KMF into a global online video awards and festival representing Korea, and eventually to represent the Asia-Pacific.”

Kim won several Korea Advertising Awards with advertising campaigns he led in the past including Samsung Life’s ‘Life’s Long‘ ad campaign, S-Oil’s ‘100 Car Races‘ campaign, and CJ Cheiljedang’s Haechandle ‘Hot but Tasty‘ campaign. Kim is also author of four books <12 Laws of Pursuasion>, <When the Wall Becomes a Door>, <Driving Force of Mind> and <Jackpot Idea>.

KMF, the innovative video and UCC contest integration support platform, differentiates itself by helping contest organizers save cost and time through ‘Cumulative Prize’ system and other tools and mechanisms. Also it provides a solution where advertisers can conduct A/B test of best videos collected through video contests through the Public Vote feature to gain clear idea of the public’s preferences towards different promotional video footages.

D.Camp, Korea’s renowned non-profit Korean startup accelerating foundation established by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs, formed KMF Organizing Committee and kicked off the KMF on April 21 together with Herald Corp. and Aroundus, Inc. (aroundus.com). to provide such cost saving and video advertising material production and online video ad performance improving effects to startups, small and medium businesses, government and local governments, etc.

On July 8th, Kim Si-Rae (former Nongshim Communications CEO) was appointed the first Chairperson of the Korea Mobile Fest (KMF) Organizing Committee. KMF Chairman Kim (left) and Kim Hong-il, Managing Director of the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs and Head of D.CAMP (right), head of one of committee member organizations of KMF, pose for a photo to commemorate the new chairman’s inauguration after the inaugural ceremony. KMF will soon start providing a solution that help improve efficiency of online video ad production and online marketing campaign of startups, small and medium businesses, etc.



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*D.Camp, Korea’s renowned non-profit Korean startup accelerating foundation established by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs in March 2013, with a total funding of 845 billion won from 18 Korean banks, is the most popular startup accelerator in Korea. In collaboration of the Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC), Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT), D.Camp opened Korea’s largest startup support center FRONT1 July 2020 in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea. D.Camp is the operator of the Korea’s biggest startup accelerating facility.

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