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한국인(대한민국에 거주하시는 한국인)은 한글 공고를 참고하세요:

Herald is honored to host and organize the ‘True Hero Mobile Fest’ to discover heroes that are devoting their time and lives in fighting and containing the COVID-19 virus in sync with the launch of the Korea Mobile Fest (KMF), Asia’ most innovative cumulative cash prize-based online video contest platform.

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide, we all are living through difficult and exhausting days, but we still find hope through our everyday or hidden heroes who’re lending hands to the needy and the sick, doing a good by stealth to let us buy and receive goods during the lockdowns, etc. around us or in the neighborhood. 

There’re millions of medical teams, ambulance workers, firemen, voluntary aid workers, courier and parcel delivery service workers, community service center workers, airport and public transportation staff, etc. who are silently working hard to help us recover our everyday lives and to contain spread of COVID-19. They’re the true hidden heroes!

Please submit a video introducing a hidden true heroes in your neighborhood that help us overcome COVID-19 or a video with a cheering, thank you message that will help cheer up those heroes. Your video may help shine a light on a community that needs help and attract media attention to help your town get necessary help required!

We look forward to your participation across Korea and across Asia-Pacific to discover hidden heroes and to find the areas that need help to overcome COVID-19.




  • Introducing the true hidden (everyday) heroes around me that help us overcome or contain COVID-19!



* Samples do not define the topic of your video. Feel free to share your video in creative ways.

  • Introducing a nurse working in OOOOOO Hospital in Daegu City.
  • Introducing my friend working in the OOOOOO international airport.
  • Our company, team are overcoming the difficulties due to COVID-19 spread together in this way!
  • Introducing our town’s delivery man OOOOOOO!
  • Thank you OOOOOO volunteer group! etc.


[ Contest Schedule ]

  • Application: Apr. 21, 2020 (Tues) ~ Aug. 12, 2020 (Wed) KST
  • Winner announcement: Sept. 14, 2020 (Mon)


[ Cash Prizes ]

  • Total: KRW10,000,000
  • 1st Prize: KRW5,000,000
  • 2nd Prize: KRW3,000,000
  • 3rd Prize: KRW2,000,000

*Winners of this contest will win above-mentioned cash prizes and will automatically become contestants of the KMF2020 (annual KMF Awards) and vie for the annual cumulative cash prizes. With a single application (entry) to a KMF affiliated video contest, you have the opportunity to win the cash prizes twice along with the fame. The cumulative cash prizes for KMF2020 starts accumulating from KRW22,730,000. 

*What’s cumulative cash prize of the KMF? :

*If you believe that you have a high chance of winning, or want to support creative talents with a donation to be accumulated to the annual cash prize, pay USD10 application fee. Applicants will have a choice between signing up for free and paying a USD10 entrance fee. Paying contestants are eligible for the entirety of the cumulative prize money, while those applying for free can win 70%.


[ Eligibility ]

  • Any men and women of all ages (above 13 years old) residing in Korea and abroad are eligible to apply

    ※ If the winners are non-adults or teenagers, the winner should provide documentations proving the relationship with the adult who will receive the cash prize through one’s banking account to the prize winner, along with the contact info. The person who’ll receive cash prize on behalf of the non-adult applicant should be either parent or legal guardian of the applicant.

  • One can apply either individually or by forming a team


[ Video Standard ]

  • Requirement : Submitted video should be filmed with smartphone either in full or in part

※ No restrictions in smartphone device brands for filming the video.

※ To check out what mobile device are allowed for filming the video, check ‘Rules for Applying’ at

※ Upon submitting your application form, you need to state which smartphone of mobile device were used to film specific duration of the final video submitted. When using multiple smartphones, enter all brand and model name of the smartphones and the durations of the final video that were used for specific scenes

  • Duration : 60 seconds – Maximum 90 seconds are allowed but longer duration may be a disadvantage
  • Resolution : Either HD or FHD (1920×1080 recommended) 1280×720 resolution are also accepted
  • File Size : Maximum 300MB
  • File Type: .mp4 Recommended (Other video file types such as avi, mov, mpeg, wmv, etc. are supported as well but when triggering a problem, you may have to re-upload the video) 


[ Screening ]

  • Screening Process
  • 1st Preliminary Screening: A pool of preliminary screening panel comprising of video-related majoring university students or those with video content related careers
  • 2nd Finalists Screening: Internal judges and invited professionals assigned by the contest organizer 
  • After the application deadline, Public Vote results will be taken into consideration to select the final winners


[ Organizer ]



[ Inquiries ]


[ NOTE ]

※Make sure that you carefully read all below cautions and register all ‘Required’ (Mandatory) fields and items and then apply to avoid any disadvantage.

  • The applied content should be a video, either self-produced or produced by a team that you’re apart of (you must obtain approval by all team members that you’re submitting the video on behalf of the team), that has not been registered or made public on online video platforms including, but not restricted to YouTube and Vimeo, and won any awards from other video contests or film awards.
  • If you submitted a video that won an award from other video contests or film awards, you’ll lose your award, and you’ll have to forfeit the prize and also refund the cash prize in full.
  • If your application includes any false entry of information, your winning of awards and cash prizes can be revoked and you will have to forfeit the prize and also refund the cash prize in full.
  • Make sure you save the original video files shot or filmed with your smartphone devices without changing the name of the file safely. We may ask you to send us the original files to verify that your video piece have been shot with specific brand models you claimed that you have used to create your video.
  • If your video fails to comply to the designated video format and rules defined by the organizer, your entry will not be included in the preliminary screening.
  • Make sure that you answer sincerely, clearly and accurately to the questions listed on the application page.
  • You should ensure and guarantee that your video does not infringe upon other(s)’ copyrights, portrait rights, publicity rights or moral rights, and you have obtained a written permission from all those show on the video piece. If not, you will have to forfeit the prize and also refund the cash prize in full.
  • You have to agree that by submitting this application, you’re transferring the copyright and distribution right of your video to the KMF Organization Committee for permanent ownership of the exclusive copyrights for the submitted content, if not a non-exclusive copyright for the full-length submitted video and partial video clip edited from the submitted video to distribute them online and offline and to use them for promotional purposes.
  • You may apply to multiple KMF-affiliated video contests to vie for the KMF Awards.
  • Submitted video files will not be returned.


[ How to Apply ]

Apply Here



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