About KMF


Korea Mobile Fest (KMF) is the most ‘innovative’ mobile and online contest platform and awards program, converging all types of short-form video format contents across film, video ads and commercials, music video, and interactive Web and mobile content made by creators, based on ‘cumulative cash prizes’.

There are online or video contests combined with awards in America and Europe that represents each continent, but unfortunately we don’t have such region-wide contest in Asia yet. Also there are many film and movie festivals that represent South Korea, but there’s no online video contest or awards that can unarguably represent Korea to discover creative talents in the country nationwide yet.

Considering the global recognition of K-pop, K-pop idols and artists, the popularity of K-contents led by movies, TV drama and expanding into webtoons and online video contents, etc., all of which summed up into a word ‘Hallyu (Korean wave)’, as well as the image abroad as the powerhouse of Internet and Wi-Fi, mobile communication as well as smartphone and mobile device manufacturing industries, Korea is the ideal country to start off a online and mobile contest and awards that may eventually represent Asia-Pacific region.

Taking such factors into account, KMF was born after a year of planning and preparation.

Based on the spirit of D.Camp (operated by the Banks Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs), the best and unparalleled startup accelerator in Korea – ‘Discover’, ‘Foster’ and ‘Connect’ promising startups – and reflecting the accelerating transmedia trend and the convergence trend across media and tech industries, KMF co-organizers came together to kick off KMF to more efficiently ‘Discover’, ‘Foster’ and ‘Connect’ creative talents and creative minds in Korea, across Asia-Pacific and the world.

Aiming to discover and foster creatives, creative ideas and creative minds all alike, and to develop KMF into global premier destination for discovery of creative talents, D.Camp, Herald Corp. and Aroundus, Inc. joined hands to kick off it’s first awards festival KMF2020 in October 2020.

In line with Korea’s biggest annual outdoor startup event IF2020 (Imagine Future: IF) Festival held every October, organized by D.Camp, KMF2020 Awards ceremony will be held at the central venue of IF2020. Prize winners of KMF supported individual video contests will be evaluated by professionals to determine the final winners of the KMF Awards, the Grand Prix of the annual program, and the winners will be awarded at the KMF2020 Awards to be held at the IF2020 festival. All prize winning videos will be screened at the ceremony venue as well as exposed online through KMF’s official channels on diverse platforms including Youtube.

Starting in Seoul, KMF will grow into a national, regional and global online program based on its cumulative cash prizes and supporting technologies, and the KMF organization committee will help businesses, especially startups and small and medium businesses, as well as government entities, leverage their marketing promotion campaigns through KMF.

Startups and rookies, newbie and wannabe talents all alike share the spirit of “Challenge” and “Innovation”. Come and join the contests supported by KMF to become nation’s recognized and world’s brightest video creators!

Dear advertisers, support and be part of the world’s most innovative Mobile Fest ever as our sponsor, partner and supporter and gain unparalleled benefits from KMF including creatives made by world’s brightest creators!

KMF is an online video festival that we all build and develop together (Refer to details on the ‘Cash Prize’ page). We ask for your active cooperation and support in collaborating with the KMF to foster Korea into a global mecca for creative branded online and mobile content awards and festival representing Asia-Pacific.

Thank you.


Korea Mobile Fest (KMF) Organization Committee

KMF’s Mission

  1. Based on the ‘Challenge’ and ‘Innovate’ spirits shared by startup companies, establish and foster KMF into an online destination and channel where people can discover creative talents nationwide, across Asia-Pacific and ultimately worldwide, and simultaneously help creative talents get discovered.
  2. In parallel, the KMF is committed to help startups and businesses maximize effectiveness of their online advertising and marketing promotion campaigns for their businesses, brands, products, services, etc. by letting them leverage the power of ‘Crowd Sourcing’ and ‘Collective Intelligence’ amplifyed by the KMF Awards program that help create and collect massive high-quality branded video contents and bright ideas, thereby contribute to proliferating their business growth.
  3. Foster KMF into the online and mobile video contest representing South Korea, and promote Korea into host country of worldwide online video festival representing Asia-Pacific.

Why KMF?


KMF is the Grand Prix Award with Cash Prizes cumulating over individual (preliminary) contests on annual basis.

Participating user generated video and film contests deposit part of their total cash prizes for the annual Grand Prix Awards on top of the cash prize put up by the organizers.

KMF’s annual Grand Prix cash prize will accumulate until September, and the winners of the final KMF2020 Grand Prix Awards will be announced in October and be awarded either in person or via wire and courier service.

KMF participating contests that end and announce winners post-September, and winners of those contests, will automatically be included in the next year’s Grand Prix Awards (KMF2021).

Patent protecting KMF’s related technologies and business model has been filed.

Refer to ‘Cash Prizes’ Page for further details of cumulative cash prizes, and information on what types of contests are eligible to participate in the KMF Awards Program as well as qualifications on who’re eligible to apply.


Applicants: Creative Talents

  • Provide opportunities to use your creativity to contribute to improving businesses’ online advertising and marketing campaigns
  • Financial Incentives:
    • Provide greater compensation for your creative work
    • Apply once and win double lump sum cash prizes: Provide opportunities to win cash prizes of preliminary contest and also final KMF Awards’ cumulative cash prizes
    • Contest winning prizes are not subject to income sharing for those artists and talents who’re affiliated agencies
  • Benefits from Open Contests
    • Provide equal opportunities creative people of all ages regardless of race and gender, embracing not only ordinary people but also celebrities, local and foreigners residing in the peninsula and also those living in other countries
    • Provide a channel where creative talent seekers can find you and your creative talent sooner than existing alternatives
    • Publicly announce winners so that industry people can locate you more quickly and easily and offer you opportunities to work together or hire you
    • Publicly distribute your creative video content online on video platforms and social media channels to maximize exposure of your content for easier discovery
    • Let you easily prove your award winning history to others and to the public by exposing the information openly to the public
    • Receive feedbacks from industry professionals that would help you improve and further develop your skill sets
    • Help you expose and promote yourself by screening and distributing your creative work via offline KMF Awards ceremony and also online

Contest Organizers & Advertisers

  • Overcome restrictions arising from limited budget
    • Improve lagging participation and application due to low budget and unhandsome prizes through KMF’s cumulative cash prizes
    • Leverage the power of ‘Crowdsourcing’ and ‘Collective Intelligence’ amplified with cumulative cash prize by KMF Awards to secure higher quality video contents and promotion & marketing ideas in mass
    • Induce participation of not only ordinary people and amateurs but also celebrities and professionals
    • Remove video format restrictions to film and/or advertising to induce participation of growing online creator and influencer population
  • Improve Advertising & Marketing Effect and Effectiveness of Budget Execution
    • Secure hundreds and thousands of branded video content for brand, company, product, service and location with same budget
  • Effectively Secure Applicants and Secure Talent Pool
    • Save time and reduce cost on securing and contacting online creators and influencers by improving recruiting, contacting method and process
    • Select the best branded video contents submitted to the contest and put them on public vote or advertise those contents online for a short period for A/B testing to check out the public response.
      (Through A/B testing of branded contents, advertisers can concentrate online and social ad spending on content with best or better public response or have the content remade into TV commercial with high budget to improve effectiveness of ad and marketing budget spending)
    • Improve the viral marketing effect of the contest through cumulative cash prize and online distribution of applied video contents
    • Utilize KMF as a channel for discovering and securing creative talents
  • Prolong the marketing effect of the contest by KMF’s successive uploading of not only winning contents online, but also all other videos submitted to the contest following the winner announcement
  • Execute contest internationally in both Korean and English, not only in Korean, making it a domestic event


KMF is co-organized by D.Camp, Herald Corp., and Aroundus, Inc.

KMF Organization Committee is actively forming partnerships, and securing co-organizers, sponsors and supporters of the KMF Awards Program.

If you have any inquiries involving partnerships, affiliation and becoming official sponsor and supporter of the KMF Awards Program as well as inquiries involving having your video contest or film awards participate in the KMF Awards Program, please contact us via ‘Contact Us’ page.

For further details on eligibility of becoming video contest or film awards affiliated with the KMF Awards Program, refer to the ‘Cash Prizes’ page.

Who’re eligible to affiliated, partner contest organizers?

Any entity that organizes existing video contests, video ad contest and film awards and those who plan for a new video contest can become KMF partners and have existing contest affiliated with the KMF Awards’ cumulative prizes.

  • Existing organizers of video contests and film awards
  • Advertisers, central and local governments that are willing to host and organize video contests and/or film awards

However, in order to have your video contest or film awards affiliated with the KMF Awards Program, you have to agree to below terms or meet below conditions.

  • Deposit a cash amount equivalent to 10% of total cash prize of your contest to KMF Organization Committee to accumulate the sum on KMF’s cumulative cash prize공모전 개시 전 선 송금 완료 필요
    • The sum need to be wired to KMF’s designated banking account prior to launch of your contest, meaning receiving applications
    • It doesn’t matter if you allocate 10% of your total cash prizes to KMF’s cumulative cash prizes instead of increasing your budget
    • One-time participation or affiliation fee will be charged
    • Be aware that you may not qualify to have your contest affiliated with KMF Awards Program if your contest’s total cash prize amount is too small. KMF Organization Committee will decide upon receiving your inquiry.
  • You should agree to and must receive applications through single channel designated by the KMF Organization Committee
    (We refrain our partners from receiving applications via email or online forms for the sake of work effectiveness)
  • You have to agree to providing the KMF Organization Committee either i) the exclusive premiere rights (right to first distribute or show content on online and offline channels) for the contents submitted to your contest or ii) provide a non-exclusive copyrights for the submitted contents to let KMF publish, distribute or show the content through our online channels simultaneously with your organization, as well as the right to edit, process the contents and use it for KMF’s marketing & promotion materials
  • You have to provide rights the KMF Organization Committee to have the content submitted to your contest to publish and distribute the full-length content offline in public or screening them in ceremonies or in movie theaters or equivalent
  • You have to include the mandatory condition in your contest to have applicants film either entire video content with smartphones or partial length (minimum 3 seconds) of the content submitted. The mandatory length requirement that must be shoot, record or filmed and be included in the final video clip can be determined by your organization.
  • You must agree to have the final contestants’ video contents of your contest put on online public vote, using the tool provided by the KMF Organization Committee to help promote and maximize exposure of the contest finalists.
    *Your organization have the full control and decision on picking the final contest winners and can decide on how to reflect the public vote results on your final deliberation to pick final winners among the final contestants. The KMF Organization Committee will not interfere.

Content Format

  • KMF Awards Program supports video-based contests and film awards.
  • Film contests and commercial video contests are also eligible to partner with the KMF.
  • However, KMF do not encourage placing video format restriction such as film or advertising and commercials to induce greater participation by broader creative talents who can create brilliant video content with bright ideas.
  • KMF supports short-form video contests with video duration of 60 seconds or less (Max. 90 seconds).
  • Nevertheless, video contests with longer durations are also welcome.
    *With regard to non-video contests, organizers are preparing to set up a separate cumulative cash prize-based program apart from the KMF Awards. So feel free to contact us for inquiries for non-video contests (i.e. audition, idea contest, film scenario contest, marketing idea contest, photo contest, design contest, fashion design contest, music•music composition•music performance contest, dance contest, non-video advertising contest, etc.) through KMF’s ‘Contact Us’ page.

Judging Process & Criteria

  • Individual Contests: Finalists and winners will be evaluated and picked by the assigned in-house and/or external guest judges according to the criteria set up by the contest organizer.
  • KMF Awards Contestants:
    • Screening by judges either majoring film, advertising, Youtube videos or video content or with video related professions for the preliminary rounds
    • Professionals with careers in film, TV drama, music video, documentary, TV and video commercials, Youtube videos etc. judge for the final contestants to select the final winners
    • Take into consideration votes from Public Vote events or the number of views and/or likes for the video on social network and media channels
  • As the KMF refrain from preferring specific video type or format, the major criteria for picking the final winners of the annual KMF Awards will be based on the message of the video delivered either with touching or fun factors, the message carried by the video, and originality and creativity of the video.
    *The final winning video can be video piece fully or partially filmed with smartphone device with minimal edit work.


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